New Music 6.17.14 – Linkin Park Goes Primal on ‘The Hunting Party’

Today, I look for a sign
With flames in my hands,
A line in the sand,
Between yours and mine

Former nu-metal/experimental/polarizing/genre-defying rockers Linkin Park have released their sixth album, their most explosive effort yet, entitled The Hunting Party. It’s full of energy, but of a different sort than longtime fans are used to.

Going against the spirit of standard New Music Tuesday posts, this is a very thorough analysis.

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New Music 6.10.14 – Turns Out We Do Know Jack

I stopped Twitter and Facebook cold-turkey a couple weeks ago and the decision wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be.

My life propels forward like the Road Runner on Fun Dip, people still assume I have time to come to their events and I still get invited to partake in lame games and activities. But instead of having an ignore button, I have to rely on coldheartedness to get me by.

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New Music 5.27.14 – A Pallett of Many Colors

I hope everyone had a nice holiday break. I took last week off to recharge (also, there were barely any new albums of note).

The downtime allowed me to get more familiar with the new Coldplay, Black Keys, etc. Though I didn’t review it here, that may be one of my favorite Coldplay records ever. It cuts deep.

Now to good stuff.

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